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Night poems #1

Cerc literar The Hopeless Writer, Proză: Night poems #1

Nr. voturi: 2 | Sumă voturi: 18 | Media/Rang: 9.00

Windy summer night. She was staying on the balcony doing nothing but smoking a cigarette. It was the last one. She was watching how the smoke was flying over the window, upper, ‘till the sky, ‘till the stars. It was so beautiful, like a white shadow of a women dancing in the air.Her thoughts went back to him.

She was searching him outside, in the trees, in the leaves, between people, on the buildings, among the stars, on all over the dark blue sky. But he was not there... She was craving his lips, his arms, his voice, his unconditional love, everything but him. She was dreaming with her teary eyes opened, like nobody was there, like he was there.
The wind moved the branches of a tree who were knocking on the window. She shuddered and woke up from the beautifully craving dream, afraid that someone saw her and, ashamed, continued to finish her cigarette. It was the one from him with cherry flavor.
She smoked like she was kissing him and after she finished, she left the butt in the ashtray for the smell. The cherry flavor was so powerful that it was scattered in all the room. She went to sleep smiling, but sad, like she was guilty that she was feeling good for a few seconds thinking of him, his body, her actions with him, and not at all, his lips.

Publicat de The Hopeless Writer

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Night poems #1 - The Hopeless Writer
The Hopeless Writer


Categorie: Proză
Publicat de The Hopeless Writer la data de 06 Jul 2017.
Cuvinte cheie: she, night, poems
Statistici: 2 vizualizări | 0 comentarii

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